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Springer works closely with the providers of link resolvers. These are third party pieces of software that offer libraries a service by keeping track of a) what the library has bought and b) what the final URL is for those things that the library has bought.

In some cases we have discovered that the links that are kept in these link resolvers are still formatted according to how the previous platform was set up to handle OpenURL links. The new SpringerLink and Springer for R&D platforms have been developed such that when someone tries to use a link like this, that our site:

1. Sees the original link
2. Reads it to understand what parameters are being described in the URL (because there can be multiple parameters and they can be used in different orders)
3. Attempts to send the user to the comparable page on our site.
4. Sometimes, the new platform cannot "read" the URL, and this results in a few different issues:
5. Sometimes the user ends up on an issue page, instead of an article page
6. Sometimes the user ends up on the journal page, instead of the issue page
7. Sometimes the user ends up on the homepage, instead of wherever they were trying to get to

Further development is in the planning to increase the sophistication of this application, so that it handles more variations of these links more correctly. This development is complicated and the issues are often extremely difficult to troubleshoot, therefore, we have a keen interest in related complaints, allowing for investigation and determining of a solution. Springer is in contact with the key suppliers and trust that they will also do their part to update systems appropriately.

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