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Springer Nature has worked closely in partnerships with printers and carriers all around the world, which has significantly helped us to keep our operation running during difficult situations like the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances. 


We will continue to update this page with the latest information we have available from our shipping partners regarding delays and areas they have been unable to accept deliveries for by some of the services we use (please see the table below). All destinations not shown as being blocked or delayed are currently receiving a normal service as far as we are aware. 

Dispatch Times

The vast majority of our print journals are dispatched within 2 to 3 days of being printed or from our warehouse when held in stock. However, to estimate the delivery time, please find the shipping times and latest information below. Delivery times therefore may vary from title to title depending printer or warehouse location.

Shipping Times

The exact shipping time depends on different factors like shipping method, dispatch location, the location of the delivery address and possible delivery restrictions (please also review the latest shipping information). The following table is meant to give a general overview of the shipping times to the most frequent delivery destinations.


Region of DestinationStandard shipping (free of charge)Back issue shipping (free of charge)Delivery information
United States of America5-7 business days7-10 business daysYes
Canada7-10 business days10-14 businessYes
Latin America4-6 weeks4-6 weeksOn Courier only

Rest of the World

Region of the DestinationStandard shipping (free of charge)Back issue shipping (free of charge)Delivery Information
Africa12-21 business days12- 28 business daysNo
Asia8-21 business days8-28 business daysNo
Central Europe 3-5 business days3-10 business daysNo
Eastern Europe8-12 business days8- 21 business daysNo
Northern Europe3-5 business days5-12 business days No
Southern Europe5-8 business days5-15 business days No
Middle East8-12 business days10-21 business daysNo
Oceania6-9 business days6-21 business days No

Please note that these time frames are only average delivery times and may take longer. If you miss a delivery and the standard delivery time is over, please contact us.

Latest shipping information

Springer Nature is working very close with its printers and carriers all around the world. However, in the recent past there were incidents beyond our control such as COVID-19 delivery restrictions and paper shortages which caused delays in the delivery. The below delivery information shows where delays in the delivery could currently still occur.

Currently we are aware of some delivery delays for the following journals please allow extra time to receive:

  • All journals, please allow 5 working days extra to receive.

Current Delivery Restrictions

Some destinations are still not being serviced fully. If your region or country is not listed below, then there aren't any current delivery restrictions.

Fully restricted

  • Belarus
  • Russia
  • Lybia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • Yemen
  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Niger
  • Palestinian territories

Ship to restrictions

Nature Journals has restricted destinations we can deliver printed issues to. We are currently unable to deliver journals to:

  • Forwarding companies 
  • Storage companies

Delivery delays are possible

  • Israel

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