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The eBookshelf is located under your account information. All purchased eBooks are made available to you in perpetuity. This essentially means that you will always have access to all of your eBooks.

Use the eBookshelf 

1. Login with your personal credentials.

2. Enter your account information displayed under your name located in the upper right corner.

3. Select "MyBookshelf" in the menu. Your personal eBookshelf with all of your purchased eBooks will open.

4. You can now download your eBook as a PDF or ePub file. Some older titles are only available in PDF format.

Use eBooks on other reading devices (i.e.: iPad, Kindle, Kobo) 

1. Save the file on your device.

2. Transfer or synchronize it with any external reading device.

3. You can access the eBookshelf with any device. Please note: ePub files can't be used on the Kindle.

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